High Fidelity

July 2020 | Works

The new format involving journalists and music critics

When music and sentiment meet, Alta Fedeltà, a format involving established journalists and music critics connected to the radio world and beyond, is born.

Twenty years after the theatrical release of "High Fidelity," a worldwide hit based on Nick Hornby's novel of the same name, TIMMUSIC-promoter of the format-has shared with its community the glorious art of creating a themed compilation, just like the ones in which master Rob Gordon, the loser record store owner played by John Cusack in the film adaptation of the novel, is engaged.

Ernesto Assante (La Repubblica), Luca Dondoni (La Stampa), Paolo Giordano (Il Giornale), Stefano Fisico (Billboard Italia), Filippo Ferrari (Rolling Stone),Alessandro Alicandri (Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni), Marta Cagnola (Radio24); these are the seven journalists involved and committed to telling the 5 golden rules to impress the desired person with a lethal sequence of music tracks, those indispensable rules that every self-respecting playlist must necessarily have to get to win the person they like.

"High Fidelity" is a series of confessionals made by 7 industry experts who have made music their life, and who in a little 10-minute gem confided to the online audience the tips they had never thought of and the songs they didn't yet know they loved.

In addition, each of the critics was also involved in producing a second pill in which they selected songs for another compilation with a theme freely chosen by them.

The mode of exposition, the language used, as well as the dialectic of each journalist fully represented their personality and savoir faire.

It was a novel way to discover music that one would not have expected to love and to discover different and new sides of the journalists involved, not only professionally but also from a human and personal point of view.

Artmediamix supported TIM in the engagement of journalists and was fully responsible for the production and post production of all content: both the video clips conveyed on TIM social media and the resulting podcasts that were included in the TIMMUSIC App.

Stefano Fisico - High Fidelity (TIM)

Paolo Giordano - High Fidelity (TIM)

Marta Cagnola - High Fidelity (TIM)

Luca Dondoni - High Fidelity (TIM)

Ernesto Assante - High Fidelity (TIM)

Alessandro Alicandri - High Fidelity (TIM)

Filippo Ferrari - High Fidelity (TIM)


TIMMUSIC UNPLUGGED is the title of the new format that ArtMediaMix has produced for TIM's streaming music service.

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