July 2019 | Works

Artmediamix renews its support in the production of the "Editor for a week" format, in which music artists choose content to be published for a week on TIMMUSIC. Now taking the reins of artistic direction is Irene Grandi. Creating the right mix between personal tastes and mainstream music was not easy, but the Tuscan singer-songwriter managed to convey her musical culture by combining it with "vintage" and more appealing music choices.

During the editorial meeting, Irene Grandi chose singles, albums, playlists and covers, giving a unique version of the TIMMUSIC schedule and bringing app users closer to listening to new and different content than usual. And this is exactly what the "Editor for a week" format aims at : to make people rediscover music, especially on a human level, going against all strategies based on numbers and algorithms, making the artist-fan relationship even more solid and bringing the former to be known beyond the purely professional side.


Among TIMMUSIC's flagship formats, AlbumStory is the one that allows artists to...

Eurovision 2019

Artmediamix for TIMMUSIC in Tel Aviv.

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